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Philip Boddey Counselling

A skilled, experienced counsellor acts as a guide, helping you to reassess events in your life that have led to your problems. Through the insight you gain, you feel better equipped to make changes and to find greater contentment.

More than 30 years of experience in counselling & psychotherapy

How I can help

Experienced in working with; bereavement, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, chronic illness, disability, relationships, sex, depression, mental health and addiction.


Counselling can help you to identify your issues and find a more comfortable place in life. Through helping yourself you also help your loved ones.


Relationships constantly evolve and even strong ones have rocky patches. Counselling – individually as well as together – explores the possible causes and effects, enabling you both to find a new way forward.


Families come in all shapes and sizes, often bearing huge stresses and strains. Rifts can happen all too easily. Individual or group counselling can help you to understand each other better and for a harmonious future.


Children and teenagers face many challenges. I specialise in counselling young people of all ages, helping them to cope with their difficulties and to express their feelings more positively.


What People Say

I am so extremely grateful for all that Philip has helped me with throughout the years! I found his grounded & non-judgmental approach refreshing and had played a big part in me gaining so much awareness and understanding throughout therapy. Philip has helped me manage my anxiety by giving me the space and support to gain awareness of the root of particular emotions and behaviours in the present, rather then bringing too much focus on the past. Having long term therapy has helped me unpack so much baggage that was linked to my past childhood traumatic experiences & to learn an important lesson on how therapy isn’t a magic wand and is in fact part of a therapeutic journey”
I was put in touch with Philip through a friend, as my 8 year old daughter was having problems with anxiety and was having trouble sleeping due to this anxiety. She would often get very upset and she burst into tears regularly for little or no reason, she was also becoming more and more withdrawn and isolated from others. We, as a family, tried everything to help her and to get her to talk about what was worrying her, but nothing seemed to work. Then we sought the help of Philip Boddey.
I have always found Philip to be polite, friendly and professional, and he always makes my daughter feel at ease - she comes out of her sessions relaxed and calm."
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